Smart Creatives – Training the Teachers

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Indus lays great stress on professional development of teachers and envisions nurturing teachers who are educators who have excellent technical knowledge, are business savvy with trans-disciplinary understanding and thinking skills.

To keep abreast with the dynamic nature of education, teachers must be innovative in the skills they develop and their teaching methods .Keeping this in mind, Indus envisions to develop its teachers into ‘Smart Creatives’ a term coined by Google for someone who combines a technical way of thinking with new ideas and different ways to solve complex issues.

To further explore and explain this idea, a workshop was conducted for the teachers by principal of Indus International School, Mrs Sarojini Rao. The workshop was interspersed with interactive tasks from which individual plans were drawn for the teachers to nurture them into Smart Creatives who have excellent technical knowledge, are business savvy with trans-disciplinary knowledge and have thinking skills.

As part of professional learning and development, teachers attended subject specific IB Workshops, which were conducted in Bangalore & Hyderabad in March. Selected senior staff attended the IB Asia Pacific Conference at Hyderabad which bought in over 1000 delegates from across the region. This was a mega event organized by IB Asia Pacific for future planning, curriculum exposition and higher education collaborations and networking opportunities for IB schools in the Asia- Pacific region. This provided an excellent platform for IB practitioners to attend sessions that addressed all three programmes conducted by experienced and renowned IB workshop leaders.

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